• Dask Tutorial [materials on github]
  • Pandas Tutorial [materials on github]
  • pyglmnet: A python package for elastic-net regularized generalized linear models [link]
  • Learning Scikit-learn – an introduction to machine learning in python [materials on github]
  • Autodocish: Automatedish Dataset Documentation [slides] [github project]
  • Implemented distributed grid search for deep learning using Tensorflow, scikit-learn, and joblib [slides]
  • FizzBuzz in TensorFlow [slides]
  • Deconstructing Feather [slides]
  • It’s not magic: explaining classification algorithms [slides]
  • Intro to Julia [presentation on github]
  • Mind the Gap! Bridging the pandas – scikit learn dtype divide [materials on github]
  • Adding Image and Voice Intelligence to your Apps with Microsoft Cognitive services [links]
  • pomegranate: fast and flexible probabilistic models in python [github project]
  • What Data Analysts Wish Application Developers Knew [slides]

Lightening Talks

Manage your crap: a crappy talk on crap management

Data Ethics in 5 Minutes

Published Notes

Yulan Lin [notes]


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