1. When something about one of my payment instruments changes I don’t have to update 50 gazillion services.
    • A credit card getting  stolen or the expiration date flips to a new one or they force new chip cards on us or something else seems to be happening on a more and more regular basis. The various things (Netflix, Office 365, iTunes, Patreon, Grubhub, Zulily, Roku, to name a few)  I have paid through Paypal instead of through said changed credit card do not require me to go remember that I have to change it and then login to that list of services to actually change anything. Less work for me is a great thing.
  2. I’m in control of re-curring billing!
    • This seems small until you think about all those things that bill on a regular basis and all the horrible subscription companies that make it extremely hard to cancel a subscription (Myfax.com I’m looking at you). If I approved a recurring payment through Paypal, I just go to the “My Pre-Approved Payments” page and edit the status of the authorization to inactive. I just found this page today. It was a very pleasant surprise.
  3. The new consumer account pages are well done.
    • The pages I see now when I login as a consumer are well designed and laid out. They are clean, readable, easily navigable, have decent information architecture, and don’t have cruft (i.e. things I don’t need).

Now, if I could just permanently opt-out of getting offered Paypal Credit, that would be a nice cherry on this sundae. #FeatureRequest

Disclaimer: I used to work for Braintree Payments, which is a company owned by Paypal.

Why I’m Really Digging Paypal These Days
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