We’ve survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Today is a marvelously, ingeniously branded day to encourage charitable giving. As with all things, my take is a little different.

Ways to Give That Don’t Require Money:

  • Think of the most accomplished, amazing people you’ve ever worked with. Pick one. Write them a recommendation on LinkedIn. You can Google for pointers. Repeat as desired.
  • Take a stand for something you know is right publicly even though it scares you. For instance, I did this: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ErieCentreCondoResidents/permalink/802319493210131/
  • The Creating Change Conference is in Chicago this year. 4,000 queer progressive activists in the same place at the same time – it’s absolutely magic. However, part of the magic is our work to make sure those who can’t afford the trip can make it. Volunteer to provide free community housing to someone or someones on any day or days between January 19-24, 2016. (Note: you don’t have to volunteer all days, you don’t have to have an extra bedroom – there’s a sophisticated matching process between attendees and hosts [it’s called volunteer human computational power].)
  • Contact me to participate in one of my teams in the Tiny Homes Competition to help end youth homelessness in Chicago.

If You Want to Pull Out Your Credit Card/Checkbook/Payment Instrument of Choice Today I recommend:

  • Chicago Youth Storage Initiative (The donation site is part of Sleep Out Chicago through the AIDS Foundation of Chicago.)
  • Pride Action Tank – Through the end of the year PAT has a matching donor so giving $10 is like giving $20. To make a donation email prideactiontank@aidschicago.org.
    • Official Mission: Working to improve the health, safety, and progress of the LGBTQIA community by inspiring, supporting and leading collaborative action.

Thanks for reading!

#GivingTuesday 2015
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